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 Ceeyas Rannon

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Rogue Agent

Rogue Agent

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PostSubject: Ceeyas Rannon   Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:34 am

---The following is a excript from's Department of Public Releations And Public Safety.---
---Due to subjects postion within the company some parts have been censored for personel without required security status---

Name: Ceeyas Rannon
Department: Department of Administrative Research
Job Title: Turk
D.O.B: --Censored--
Place of Birth: --Censored--
Eye Color: Brown
Hair color: Dark Brown
Height: 6" 2'

20 years ago
- Ceeyas Rannon Joined shinra company as a gunner

16years ago
- Rannon assinged to front lines of during wutai conflict, showed remarkable abilty to think on his feet. Giving commondation for his activites during the conflict.

- Rannon is assigned to the the Department of Administrative Research.

-Rannon is sent behind enemy lines to report on enemy force movements, injured while extracting from hostile zone, injury leaves a scar on his back.

-Spends two months recoving from injury

-Returns to active duty

- --Censored--

- --Censored--

-Conflict in wutai ends

-Reasinged to Midgar, assinged to team sent to recover test subject "Ifalna" (see Project: Jenova).

5 Years Ago

-Rannon is assinged to Nibelheim --Censored-- and escorting Shinra personel sent to repopulate the the town.

-Assists in Project: Jenova's transfer from Nibelheim Site to lab facilitys at ShinRa Headquarters in Midgar.

Will post more later

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Zack Fair
Zack Fair

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PostSubject: Re: Ceeyas Rannon   Mon Jul 20, 2009 11:18 am

bio approved, as for the adding stuff do it at your own pace man and yeah be happy to see you on the server at some point,

force : -
def 2
atk 3
jump 3

i take it your using guns so yh lol just ask for a merc on the server

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Ceeyas Rannon
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