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PostSubject: SONIC TE MOOGLE FTEW   Sat Jul 18, 2009 4:25 pm

Name: Dustin Zaigou
Age: 18
Height: 6' 0"
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Race: human

Picture of character:

History: Dustin grew up in the upper plate of midgar with his family and didn’t care for the kids around him due to he though they only cared for his families money. Dustin stayed in his room mostly working with a computer and shooting a toy gun at a target until the made got him for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. As time went on he slowly started to go out side but was not very social and made sure to stay only where shinra patrolled a lot. One day as he walked he saw some teens running after something and followed them passively until he followed them into a alley way and saw them trying to catch some type of small rabbit like thing as he walked up to one of them calmly he taped the teen on the shoulder as he turns dustin decks the teen in the face saying “ya really should learn to leave harmless animals alone.. plus once there cornered they tend to fight back as if there fighting for there life morons…” after saying that dustin sighed as he kicked another in the face and elbowed one who tried to attack him from behind. After they where all knocked out the odd looking rabbit thing jumped onto dustin and rubed its head on his face as he said “huh… guess you don’t got a home do ya….well…you can stay with me I guess at lest you will be safe there plus ya seem to like me…” after that he walked home and named the rabbit Ryo-Ohki and gave ryo ohki some food for the night going to bed. A few year later dustin wakes up and yells “RYO OHKI” she comes running and jumps on his head as he walks out the door and salutes to the shinra grunt walking by he soon starts to see a odd main in a suit simler to his that seems to be watching him and ryo ohki dustin mutters to ryo ohki “huh ya think that guys watching us ryo ohki?” she just makes a odd sown as she some what glares at the man as dustin heads to work saying “ok ryo ohki you know where ya gotta say once I get there so stay there this time and stay outa the carrots I don’t need trouble this time around” he looks at her with a strict face as he walks in. as dustin works at his desk job in the shinra building as ryo ohki goes to a field and does what dustin told her not to do and eat the carrots in a field as she does the farmer gets back and sees her and goes after her with a rake yelling “ get back her you damn pest!!” she runs hiding in a hole. As dustin leaves now off work ryo ohki finally gets away from the farmer making him run into a tree branch knocking himself out and runs back to dustin jumping on his shoulder dustin then says “it seems you had some fun where you into a carrot field again making trouble?” he sighed as he walked home with her. Dustins now 18 and is traveling to a shinra office near wutai he calls for ryo ohki and tells her “well we got a long trip ahead of us you better get ready cuz we are gonna be walking for most of the way to the place I got transferred” ryo ohki nodded her head and ran outa the room and got a pack of carrots from the kitchen giving them to dustin he then said “ok then off we go I take it he smiled kindly as he walked out the door with ryo ohki on his head”

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PostSubject: Re: SONIC TE MOOGLE FTEW   Sat Jul 18, 2009 7:31 pm


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