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 Shino Kenzu

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PostSubject: Shino Kenzu   Mon Jul 13, 2009 4:46 pm

Name: Shino Kenzu
Age: 21
Height: 6' 1"
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: White
Race: human
Personality: Generally cold and nearly heartless loves to manipulate people into doing things they normally wouldn’t and is very distant with even a small group of people.

Picture of character:

Battle armor

With out armor

History: Shino grew up in the upper plate and basically had a very care free life due to his mother being one of Shinra technicians and his father being a turk. Shino grew up around computers and robotics due to what his mother’s job was so he naturally learned to use computers at a young age. At the age of 10 shino was already good enough with computers to use one with out being watched and was starting to learn how to make his own computers. one day shino was walking out side and saw two kids talking as he walked by them they saw his laptop and beat shino to the ground then took his laptop saying “thanks nerd we will take good care of this for ya” they walk off laughing leaving shino barely able to move. Soon shinos father found him when on break and took shino back home asking him “oi who did this to ya son did ya get a good look at them?” shino just stayed silent and limped to his room and passed out on the bed.

The next morning he woke up muttering “guess I should start working on a new computer with moms help...” with that he got out of bed and fell down a bit in pain then got up walking to his moms computer room seeing she was gone shino said “guess I will have to wait…unless I put everything back exactly how it was…” he smirked as he got to work on making a computer with the plans his mom made for him then as time passed and saw it was close to when she gets home if she didn’t work late he started to place everything back exactly how it was other then the parts he used. Shinos now 13 and getting very skilled with computers and is starting to wonder why his mother and father seem to vanish oddly some times.

Shino trys to follow his dad but always gets cought and his mom seems to leave when he is asleep lately so he has to take care of him self and watch the house as he makes small things in the computer room. One day shino said “I’m board…maybe I should go outside for once and check out the computer stores though they don’t have anything as good as mom gets…I wonder where she gets it all..” with that shino shoke his head then headed to the stores on his way to the closest one he though he saw his dad running after what looked like a wutai trying to make a riot he sighed saying “ nah not my dad he wouldn’t be doing that type of stuff hes just a desk clerk at shinra…and moms a receptionist on one of the higher floors…” shino looked at the sky thinking of what it be like to be in shinra as a technician or turk and smiled saying “that be so cool but I wouldn’t get that lucky…” as shino walked into the store he got a few parts that would work for the computer he was making then left paying the gil needed and headed home. After shino got home he set the parts in the computer room and went to bed due to it being late. A few years pass and shino is now 16 and waking up around 6 am for a interview at shinra for a internship bringing with him the blueprints to one of his many ideas. As he got to the waiting area five minutes soon he had to wait a bit longer then normal but was ok with it muttering his speech to himself.

Once he was in the interview room the head technician was there to question him with a lot of basic info then it got more complex till he asked to see some of shinos work he said “yes sir heres one of my many ideas I put on a blue print sheet its basically a battle suit that couldn’t be possible to built with the tech I have at home it monitors the users heart rate and pressure keeping them at normal levels in even extreme area or stress as well as boosting there strength just enough to not destroy the users muscles from over using the suit and can work as a limited life support but for anything almost sure to kill the user it wont help at all but only delay there death a short time.” The head technician raised an eyebrow at the complex idea and asked “is anyone in your family working here as a shinra technician cause this suit is simler to a less complex one a woman is working on that oddly looks like you…” shinos paused for a moment thinking then said “not that I know of they only have small desk jobs here both my dad and mom…” the technician nodded his head and said “well..reguardless I will approve your internship welcome to the team…just don’t screw up and do as your told..”

shino nodded his head and said “understood when do ya wish me to start?” the head technician said “right now as of now your going to be helping the other build a prototype of this suit…given you’re the one who made it..” shino looked a bit shocked saying “but…the items needed for that shouldn’t be around for a few years at the least…” the technician said “well your internship is a unique one your status with shinra wont be known but you wont be leaving the lab for quite a bit so think of it as your new home..” shino nodded and followed the directions to the lab he was to work in.

four years have passed sense he started working on the working prototype and has nearly finished it and is working on the strength boosting systems and now is a full member of the tech team and head technician for the battle suit project as he looks over the project data and suit outputs for the other finished systems he looks for flaws and fixes them on his own so that the prototype will be fully working on its first test run. A few months pass and shino gets shocking news his father died fighting an enemy of shinra it was this day shino learned what his dad truly did and was in shock muttering to him self “but…they said he was fine..working in the offices this cant be happening…where they both lieing to me…” shino sealed him self away in his work thinking it was an attack by a rouge shinra member and was set in finishing the suit for shinra to stop any more deaths.

A year later shino was walking to his lab and over heard to turks talking about something and hid behind the wall and listened as they said “well soon we wont even need his kid once the battle suits done the technicians will be able to mass produce them for a new part in shinras army never liked his father anyhow he was half wutai…its not shocking he tried to help them over us after so long…” after shino heard this he was filled with rage finding out he was lied to and finished the final system checks of the battle suit given he didn’t tell them every detail on the suits progress and finished it sooner then planed takeing the prototype for him self and leaveing shinra HQ to the testing area saying he was gonna personally test it given the suit had a potential to kill the user at this point due to a flew he needs to be in the suit to fix.

They hesitated a bit before letting him go and test the suit with a group of grunts to guard him as well as watch him. Once shino got half way to the testing ground he turned off the suits combat safety’s and attacked the group of grunts beating them with some trouble and a few wounds after that he ran off to hide with in wutai for a time until they though the suit blew up with him in it killing them as well or he was no longer able to be found.

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PostSubject: Re: Shino Kenzu   Mon Jul 13, 2009 5:34 pm

not bad, approved by me

once again try not to uber.

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Shino Kenzu
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