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Gunner - gunners can go on to be Turks or high ranks in the paramilitary

Swordsmen - swordsmen can go on to SOLDIER or be high ranks in the paramilitary

Commander - commanders are high level grunts, they can use eather guns or swords, and are given materia by the company

General - generals are the highest level a grunt can get, they are good at tactics and battle planning, they only answer to the turks or the president, and have full control over the paramilitary


3rd class - weakest of the classes, these are for SOLDIER's that have just been accepted into the SOLDIER program and are not experanced.

2nd class - being the middle class of SOLDIER they make up the bulk of it, they may not be as experanced as 1st class but dont underestimate 2nd class SOLDIER's, they have extensive battle knowledge and are hardend veterens.

1st class - bring the highest level one can obtain in SOLDIER, only the best of the best make it, only SOLDIER's who have shown unwavering loyalty, unmatched strength, good tactics, and have gone above and beyond the call of duty can even hope of makeing it this far.


the turks are the presidents right hand, so to speak, they make sure that whenever business has loose ends it gets tied up, SOLDIER's are required to listen to all orders from turks without question, as well as anyone in the paramilitary. they only take orders from the president himself.

(these ranks are subject to change)

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