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 Timeline <Simplistic just with whats needed>

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Timeline <Simplistic just with whats needed> Empty
PostSubject: Timeline <Simplistic just with whats needed>   Timeline <Simplistic just with whats needed> Icon_minitimeThu Jul 09, 2009 2:40 pm

Year 0  Zack and Cloud break out of the ShinRa mansion basement and make their escape, however en route to Midgar the world merge occurs with that of FF8 as a result of Ultimecia’s time compression magic malfunctioning and the world changes and enlarges, the ShinRa troops chasing Zack and Cloud lose them in the confusion and they eventually escape to Midgar unharmed and hide-out with Aerith, Tseng gets the report but doesn’t give away their location.

A few days later FF7

o Zack set up a delivery/mercenary service with the aid of cloud and sign up to help avalanche.

o Galbadia garden and Balamb garden engage near Deling city

 Mako reactor missions
o The mako reactor mission #1 goes off without a hitch with the support of Zack and Cloud.
o Mission #2 Cloud and Zack’s ID’s both trigger the ID scanner however mission is a success Zack encounters president ShinRa again on this mission, neither Zack or cloud fall into the church and End up unconscious on Aerith’s flower bed

 In the scene to rescue Tifa and Aerith from the Don Cloud and Zack merely knock out the bouncers and walk in before confronting the Don and discovering ShinRa’s plans to drop the plate on sector 7, they return and prevent the plan however Aerith is captured.

 Avalanche retaliate and infiltrate ShinRa HQ saving Aerith and Red XIII, they also discover that Sephiroth has slain the president and is still alive contrary to the belief that jumping into the depths of a mako reactor and disappearing for years would kill you. Multiple Avalanche members were killed in the attempt of escaping ShinRa tower.
o From here until a bit later it’s the same story as FF7 but with Zack as a tag along

2 Years Later

- Costa Del Sol is claimed as neutral ground

- City's begin appearing in the newly formed continent filled with people

- Kadaj and his gang appear and break the supposed peace

- Galbadia Trabia and Balamb garden appear.

- galbadia sides with shinra and balamb sides with Avalanche.

- Zack kaito and cloud are hired to kill the remnants they kill Kadaj and yazoo but loz is already dead, killed by Dinero

- Children are stolen and taken to the forgotten city

- Balamb and galbadia gardens encounter each other and a battle breaks out, galbadia wins the skirmish having the bigger garden and being bolstered by SOLDIER members Balamb is forced to retreat

- the battle in the forgotten city gets out of hand, Vincent escorts marlene to safety the remnants flee and zack kaito and cloud fall back to midgar

- Jenova's head is taken by kadaj and sephiroth emerges, sephiroth is defeated and kadaj manages to escape with loz and yazoo
- a galbadian spy inside avalanche leaks information to galbadia who trap them with the help of shinra

- Avalanche members are all taken into custody but are broken out by some unknown group of people calling themselves grey soldier

- Grey SOLDIER and the white SeeD join the fight against shinra and galbadia.

- Kaito Zack and Cloud are ambushed by the shinra army but they defeat them and assault the shinra tower on their own, freeing all of the test subjects and deleting the research data before retreating

- Deepground becomes active again, balamb retreat and base near niebelheim, and galbadia swiftly pull back to deling city to repel the esthar attack forces.

- shinra is attacked ferociously by deepground.

- Shinra begin recruiting a millita army to combat the deepground forces,

- Sephiroth reappears and desemates the majority of the remaining loyal SOLDIER the rest are assigned a squad of milita each to combat the invading deepground

- Sephiroth is fought by zack in mako reactor 6 after placing a bomb as the battle for midgar begins, Cloud and kaito are assisting the militia and SOLDIER

- Kaito fights Weiss and both combattants are grievously wounded, Cloud takes the unconscious kaito on fenrir out of the city as zack retreats from the mako reactor and as he exits the building detonates the bomb with sephiroth in the doorway before leaving midgar swiftly on motorcycle, they take kaito to costa del sol to recover before going to scout on wutai forces leaving kaito on the beach

- deepground are defeated

Timeline <Simplistic just with whats needed> Greytopimg
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Timeline <Simplistic just with whats needed>
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