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 Siry Remudi

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Zenos Sintai

Zenos Sintai

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PostSubject: Siry Remudi   Thu Jul 09, 2009 12:52 am

Name: Siry Remudi
age: 28
height: 5"9
eye color: Gray
hair color: White
race: Caucasian
personality: Lazy, yet serious. Is more observant. Also is easily annoyed.
Body Appearance: Slim, light muscles. Pale white.
Affiliation: ShinRa
Occupation: ShinRa Grunt Captain

Sits out and stares blankly as the mass funeral goes on. "Just being honoured by rocks. Not even worthy of names..."
He thinks to himself, holding back tears."How did I let this happen? They could have been stopped..." He attempts a
painful glance at the ruins of Mako Reactor 1. "If only we responded faster...DAMNIT!" A few tears drop, as he over-
-looks the building where his wife, brother, and best friend died all at once. The funeral is over shortly.

*Weeks later*
Walks along the hallways of the Junon base, with another grunt. "And then they HAPPENED to be around when the president died. I'm suprised we haven't gone after these AVALANCHE guys even harder." The grunt nods. "Yeah, they just cause trouble everywhere they go. Still I heard Sephiroth was involved with the president's death." Siry shoots him a confused look, then laughs. "He's been dead for years. Probably just some guys up at SOLDIER trying to get some laughs in." The grunt nods in agreement, and chuckles too. "Hey Siry, I'm heading off to get something. See you after the parade!" Siry waves and heads into the locker room. "Hey...where's my uniform. DAMNIT!" He was forced to watch Rufus' parade in the crowd, listening to people bitch about how some dumbass grunt is screwing up the T.V ratings.

He was later involved with further battles. [That I cannot detail because I don't know what happened at FFU >.>]
He is currently a ShinRa Grunt Captain.

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Zack Fair
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PostSubject: Re: Siry Remudi   Thu Jul 09, 2009 7:24 pm

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Siry Remudi
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