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 Raiuki Yakaino

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Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife

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PostSubject: Raiuki Yakaino   Wed Jul 08, 2009 8:03 pm

Name: Raiuki Takazumi Yakaino
Age: unknown (looks about 20)
Race: Human, Half Wutian
Gender: male
occupation: Doctor
weapons: guns,katanas
personality: Quick to temper, a bit unstable, on the surface seems like a nice guy.


bio: Born in Costa Del Sol he lived out his childhood in comfort, he would occasonally go to work with his dad, who was the most succesfull doctor in the area. Raiuki quickly learned alot about being a Doctor and wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps, so at the age of 13 he bacame an apprentice to his father, he was an exeptional doctor and learned very fast, he did his first surgery at the age of 16, it was a complete sucess, it is said that he has never lost a pationt that could be saved. at the age of 20 he moved to Midgar and opend his own practice in the slums, he got plenty of business and he even took people who couldent afford the treatments. one day a beautiful young woman came into his office, who was deathly ill. he took her in and cared for her like he didnt have any other pationt but her. In a few months she began to regain her strength, she started to work around the office he got to know her and learned her name was Rin, he ofered her a job as his assistant and she accepted it.

A few years passed and they had a wonderful life togeather he had asked er to marry him and she accepted, they had a set of twins on the way and they lived a very comfterable life on the plate untill one day......

...the train had just pulled into the station, not 30 minutes later the reactor had exploded, panic, death, many shinRa came to th area trying to capture the terrorists, but in all this confusion a pregnent young lady, two ShinRA MP cornerd her...then they shot her, the flowers she was carrying fell to the ground the blood from her body started to flow into the dirt and touch the flowers. the MPs walked off leaveing the body.

It was later that same day Raiuki figured out wha happend, he blamed not only ShinRa, but Avalanche for what happend. He also blamed himself for not beng able to stop it, he left midgar and traveld the world for a while unill he learned about Deepground, a group that was out to destory everything, he was recruited into the group and made head of thier medical division (What little there was). He was given free reign over all the old ShinRa records that DG was in possesion of, while looking though these he figured out the proper way to make a SOLDIER, how much mako to use, and even how to merge them with JENOVA cells, even though JENOVA had gone missing quite some time before that. After DG fell, he began to wander around it is up to him to find his new path in this chaotic world.

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Zack Fair
Zack Fair

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PostSubject: Re: Raiuki Yakaino   Wed Jul 08, 2009 8:21 pm

niceee Smile i dont need to approve it cus ur an admin but yeah Very Happy looks cool

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Raiuki Yakaino
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