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 Kaname Cross

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Zack Fair
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PostSubject: Kaname Cross   Wed Jul 08, 2009 7:16 pm

Name : Kaname Cross
Age : Unknown
Sex : Male
Height : 5'10
Physical Build : slim
Eyes : Brown
Hair : dark Brown just below shoulder length
Favoured weapon : Pistol or a Sniper rifle, some basic sword training
Materia : Sense, Speed, Bolt
Faction : Wutai
Current Occupation : Turk
Personality : Gives off a slight aura of power, however when spoken to he reacts politely and charmingly, people are generally scared to get too close to him however he has a warm heart, can be very protective of loved ones however he is Really quite lonely even though he tends to detach himself alot

History : Not much is known about Kaname's parents, he was born into a kind of royalty that most men may never achieve later on it was found that his parents had dissapeared and so had his his sister , it was thought that they died, or had been murdered... this left kaname all alone, however he never showed the pain he felt deep inside, he decided to join the galbadian military for a while, and rose the ranks quickly to become a sharpshooter however on resignition from the army he decided to teach, he did this up until the time of the merge when the world for them was turned upside down

Biography : Raised with the most upper class of society in Deling City Kaname has a dark past filled with blood and images of nightmare, this however has no effect on how nice a person he is, when the time merge occured Kaname travelled the lands eventually stumbling across the boreders into what once was Wutai on his arrival he was greeted with suspicion, though once the people realised he meant no harm they welcomed him and upon hearing where he had come from, they questioned him about where he had come from, after he had answered all of their questions about where he had come from, he enquired about this strange new place and as to what it was, he was informed about a group of people called ShinRa and their reign of terror across the Wutai nation, he was also told of their plan for revenge, he felt horrified by what ShinRa had done, and in response to this he volenteered to help them with their problem, he would spy on shinra from the inside, if they would accept him and when it came to the best time to attack, he would notify the Wutai, A few months of travel and work he was there at the shinra headquarters, they had accepted him and now they were crippled.. Kaname took this oppourtunity to send word to the Wutai Forces, "The time has come, Attack ShinRa"
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Kaname Cross
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