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 Project ZERO

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PostSubject: Project ZERO   Wed Jul 08, 2009 7:47 am

Name: Omegis
Nick Name: Zero
Age: 21
Height: 6' 3"
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brown
Personality: When first meeting him he is a bit cold and distant but after so long he will slowly show a more kind side, hates to be lied to or tricked and may get very violent if he finds out he was lied to or tricked.

Picture of character:

History: Omegis Grew up in Gongaga Village living a peaceful life with his family as a child he would often with his brother in many different games. Around the age of 7 Omegis and his brother started getting different points of view his brother wished to travel to wutai and learn more of there ways as omegas wished to see the big city of midgar back when it was in better shape. Months went by and omegas was hanging with his friends when he saw some one that he said their head looked like a chocobos back end in a very low voice so the person couldn’t hear him. His friends laughed as omegas walked off saying “cya later gonna go home and see what my crazy brother is doing.” As he walked into the house he saw that his brother was standing on the chair in a dangerous way and said “get down you moron before ya kill your self” his brother look at him saying “make me not like ya can stop me anyhow.” Omegis then got hit a sharp lid thrown at him making a slash across his face. Omegis said “stupid!! That could have cut my eye out!!” omegas then pulled his brother off the chair using the momentum he got to throw his brother into the wall. His brother gets up laughing as omegas sighed walking into his room shutting the door. Omegis wakes up to his 11th birth day to see every one was gone so he went back to bed. As omegis slept his family set up a party and his brother put a chair blocking the door from opening. Soon omegas wakes up and trys to check if anyones home and sees the doors jammed he then said “oi if anyone’s out there the doors jammed need some help here!!” As omegis tries to open the door again pushing it he falls out and every one yells surprise. Omegis smiled as he got up and spent the day with his friends and family. Omegis now makes his way to Midgar only to find some type of battle going on getting cought in the cross fire between a fight with shinra and a small group of odd people. Omegis drew his sword and tried to run after them helping shinra only to find him self attacked by one of shinras mechs that flaged him as a hostle target it then fired ripping his arm apart as well as knocking him out. Omegis woke up in a daze in what looked like a lab hearing a person talk to a man in a white lab coat the man said “we don’t need any trouble right now once he wakes tell him it was a terrorist group that damaged his arm not one of our mechs.” The man in the lab coat nodded and went to work fixing up omegis’s arm soon after he passed out that being the last thing he saw.

Present Day: In a dark ran down lab a odd tank glows dimly in the darkness as his reserve power dies out. As it does the thing with in the tank awakens and smashes the glass as the person looked around adjusting his vision he saw he wasn’t in midgar or even home he was in some old lab with hardly any memory of his past only about himself and his family. As omegas looked around more he saw a odd weapon next to the tank with a note on it saying “for project ZERO removal of this weapon by anyone other then Project ZERO is punishable by death.” Omegis looked at the tank that was busted out by him and saw the label that marked “Project ZERO” he picked up the weapon and kicked down the old door saying “may as well find out where I am and shit then work from there” omegis then found a project note on a dead body reading…
File Number: 852676474
Project Number: 00227461
Project Name: Zero
Specimen Name: Omegis
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Mutations: Left Arm
Mutation Notes: Subject seems to have grown a mako like arm replacing his damaged arm as well as boosting the strength in that arm greatly dangers are contact with mako over stressing arm extreme harm to others possible death.

Omegis finishes reading the note due to the rest is to worn by time to read from water dripping on it after this omegis leaves the old lab to find out more about his past and himself.

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Cloud Strife

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PostSubject: Re: Project ZERO   Wed Jul 08, 2009 8:52 am

i dont see any reason not to approve, just dont uber with the arm.

any other admins disagree?
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PostSubject: Re: Project ZERO   Wed Jul 08, 2009 4:07 pm

aye thats approved unless kaito disagree's at all with it. but for now yeah have fun roleplaying Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Project ZERO   

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Project ZERO
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