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 DiNeRo <srsly you need to fix the length thing>

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PostSubject: DiNeRo <srsly you need to fix the length thing>   Tue Jul 07, 2009 11:36 am

Name: DiNeRo

Age: 25

Race: human

Abilities: SOLDIER strength and speed, has FIRAGA(text ability only) and CURAGA materia


Eyecolor(present): mako eyes

Haircolor: dark brown

Hairstyle: dreadlocks


Dinero grew up living the rough life on the streets of Midgar, by then the biggest city on the planet, with a gang of older boys that teached him the most important things he needed to survive on the streets. He learned how to sneak to steal food, how to defend himself against bums and members of other gangs. When he was 9, he found himself a job, it was hard work but that only made him stronger.

At the age of 9, when the rest of his gang was 14-17 years old, they beat him up badly and stole everything he had earned with hard work. He learned to relay on nobody but himself. A few weeks after that someone killed his employer, so he was without work again. When he was 10, a man cought him stealing food and told him, that he wouldnt beat Dinero up if he did what he said. The man gave Dinero a gun with one bullet and said: 'I want you to kill the one, who you most hate,' and let Dinero leave. He was surprised about the man's reaction and frightened at the idea of killing someone. He kept the gun with him and continued living the life he lived.

One day, when he was 12, he met the leader of the gang that beat him up. Dinero felt a rage he never felt before. Dinero beat the leader up badly and then, when he was lying on the floor begging for mercy, Dinero took out the gun. He looked at the gun, running his fingers over it. He pointed it at the leader, and he shot. The bullet went right trough the leaders head.

Dinero, scared of what he had done, threw the gun and ran away from the city. Desperate , hungry and tired, he was wandering through the land. At last, when he had almost none forces left, he found a farm. The farmer found him laying unconcious before his door. The farmer turned out to be a happy old man living in peace, he gave Dinero a job, the hardest job he had, because he was too old to do it himself, and gave Dinero food and a bed in exchange.

Dinero worked hard on the farm and it made him toughened up his body and mind. He learned that everything is possible with enough will. When he was 14 he decided there is nothing more for him to learn there. He thanked the farmer and he moved off heading for the city, the place he called home almost his whole life.

He found a new job, cleaning windows and the insides of the local Combat Academy. He worked every day 15 hours, watching the men train and learning more and more with every day that passed. At the age of 16 years he decided to leave again and wander around the world to learn more and become stronger.

The young man bought a shortsword for the money he earned up till then. He traveled from one place to another, fighting monsters and bandits to defend himself and ocasionaly searched for treasures.

One day, he found a cave entrance and, thinking he could spend the night there, he entered. The cave however continued downslope further into the mountain.He made something like a torch and lit it as he entered the darkness. As he progressed further he started to notice that under the spider webs and dust there seems to be something like an iluminating system carved into walls. He walked to it with the torch and after dusting it off and getting it rid of the webs, he placed the torch to it. Light started filling the passage infront of him as whatever was in the wall started burning. He put out his torch, stored it and continued walking. As he continued, suddenly a gate stood in front of him. Illuminated by the dim fire, it seemed huge. Dinero walked over to it and pushed with all his strength, which after a while resulted in the door moving just enough for him to squeeze through and enter. He looked around astonished as the fire on the walls slowly spreaded across the huge area. He was sure noone stepped in there for centuries, maybe longer...

On one side, there were shelves carved into the stone filled with what seemed like books from the distance. On the other side there were several stone tables and old chairs, behind was a door, probably leading into the kitchen. His eyes passed through the cave and stopped in the middle. There, exactly in the middle, was a step pyramid leading to a stone pedestal. On it there was something that shined in the red light. He walked towards it like in a dream. Step by step he climbed up to stand in front of the beutiful, big sword. As he slowly reached for the hilt and wrapped his fingers around it, several symbols started glowing on the blade as a word rang through his mind like a drop falling into the water. 'ANDURIL'. He retrieved his hand quick and amazed, glanced to his hand and back onto the sword, where the symbols started fading away. Dinero stood there in shock a while more, then after gathering enough courage, he grabbed the hilt again, the symbols started glowing again and the word echoed in his head again and again. Exhaling he slowly withdrew the sword from the pedestal and grabbed it with both hands. The symbols faded away slowly and the word stopped echoing through his mind. He positioned the sword in front of himself, holding tight and looked at it closely. 'Anduril...'. The fire started fading out and he decided to leave quickly, although he would like to stay and explore the place more.

Dinero waked up the next morning, in the entrance to the cave, he prepared his stuff and got ready to enter again. He turned towards the depths of the cave and froze. Where there yesterday was a downslope stone drift, a wall was standing as if it was there since ever. He walked to it and examined every inch. Everything seemed like a completely normal stone wall in a cave. Confused he looked behind himself at his stuff thinking if it all was a dream, but there it was. The sword he found there, Anduril, lying on the floor.

Not long after, Dinero became a mercenary and took on jobs of different kinds, traveling from battlefield to battlefield, from town to town.

I've been to the race track not far away from Midgar, with the purpouse of gettin some gil in a race. Hadn't the chance to race tho, I met an interesting guy named Raziel, whos a 2nd class Shinra SLODIER. Saw him batteling a monster in the pit under the lounge, into a guy threw him. Poor guy was eaten by the monster. After talkin a bit with iel i decided to go into the arena and battle the monster myself, but it didnt turn out as planned, after a long fight, the monster managed to throw me into the tribunes knocking me out for a few minutes... When i got back on my feet, iel was fighting with the monster again and after a while he managed to kill it. After that, we talked a bit and then he left for Midgar. I stayed a bit longer and then headed to Midgar too.

Ive slept on the farm where i used to work, then went wondering through Midgar, nothing special happened.

I went to the racing club again, was given 500 gil by some Shinra grunts to take care of some troublemaker, a Nika girl, who reminded me a lot iel. The fight was long and then this other guy, called Chaos, joined and KO'd me.

Ive been to Junon. An Avalanche member called Yumano attacked a Shinra base and ran away... I encountered Chaos, loosing again... I swear ill get my revenge... Yumano came back to Junon, foolish he is. I fought him and almost won, when Chaos showed up again. Yumano ran into the city, but i found him and fought himn again. Soon Zidane joined him, and i fought against both of them. After this long fight i managed to KO both of them and dragged Yumano to the Shinra base and handeled him to the grunt captain who will deal with him. After that i left Junon. I decided i want to join Shinra, to get strong enough to take my revenge upon Chaos

I went to Theta City, on the second continent, and there, i reported to the President. Im a Shinra grunt now yays! Anyway i met with Raziel and was sent on a mission with him. There was this guy that ran away from us, we couldnt find it... When i found him, he was laying on the floor and a masked guy was standing next to him. Raziel got there and tore his mask off. The guy was Shido, a SOLDIER! Traitor... He disappeared and took the other guy with him. Then it came... Sephiroth appeared... Then, somehow Cloud appeared too... They started to fight and i lost sight of them. Then Kadaj arrived and fought with this guy who was following me all day long. He KOd him easily. After that this cool redcaped Vincent guy came and fought Kadaj. When it seemed Vincent will loose, Cloud came to help him. They both fought against Kadaj untill Sephiroth appeared again telling Kadaj that its time to go. Sephiroth had the President over his shoulder... Then, they disappeared... DAMNIT... Another grunt came and we attacked the avalanche guys. Cloud left really soon, he ran away cowardly. When Raziel arrived, Vincent ran away also. We were talking, when this Chaos guy came... We fought him and i almost arrested him, but he managed to escape... We are now in a heli, heading to find and rescue President Rufus.

15. September

Me, Raziel and Mikhail rescued pres Rufus today

Rufus sent me, Raziel, a turk called Daisuke and a group of grunts on a mission where Mik, posing as a ship captain, took 3 criminals into our trap. One got away, his name is Axehel, we managed to capture Karrde and Raziel is after Managomous


Went to Wutai and undercover managed to get to Raziel. Im currently with him.

19.10. (9 PM)
<some pages are ripped out>
Argh... Finnally pushed myself into writting something. Its been a pretty long time since Raziel discovered me, and i decided to come back to Midgar. <half of the page is covered with a stain that seems to be BEER> goddamnit... ive got beer all over this...
Anyway, where was I... Im training hard... need to become more powerful

a few blood drops cover the page
I went to Wutai along with some troops and a SOLDIER. I was put as 2nd in command. We attacked the town, but they showed to be strong opponents. We fought them off, killed theire captain. Everything was fine, untill Raziel, that traitor i used to take as a friend and even admire, and Zakkusu appeared. A battle started between Zakk and the SOLDIER that was in command of our troops, but Zakk had no chance. Instead of him, Raziel fought the SOLDIER, I fought Zakk. The battle was long and fierce. Our powers were equaled first, but then Zakk started winning. He injured me several times, as i did him, but my injuries were more serious and i was starting to loose strenght... As a desperate move, in almost uncosciounes, i outraged and Limit Breaked. I hit Zakk several times, but he did not care about it. He Limit Breaked back at me, and injured me seriously, throwing me flying out of the temple, down the stairs... Uncosciousness fell upon me as a blanket, relieving the pain, covering me in darkness...
Yet i am now at a SHINRA base in Wutai, i was taken here in a heli. My wounds are almost ok... the rest of the page is tore apart

I led a squad with a caravan, which was empty, to trap one of the Wutai leaders Zakkusu. Zakk escaped, but thanks to an anonymous, he got into our outpost, where i led him into another trap, a locked office. We knew Raziel would come for him, so i just spiced up security as Cissney(TURK) told me and waited for Raziel to show up, planning to lead him into the same trap i led Zakk in. I had to fight Raziel, which was rly hard due to the fact he was a 1st class SOLDIER... At last, i got him into the office, but had to fight him more time, cause Cissney took her time to show up. I was totaly exhausted when she came. She started fighting Raziel, and we managed to trap him using a booby trap in the floor. When we thought it was over, Raziel used his Limit Break and broke out of the office. He followed Cissney to where Zakk was. When i arrived, there wasnt only the three of them, there was also somone else, Nero. Cissney told me to get rid of him, so i fought him and he ran. Cissney and Raziel had a long talk, which i couldnt hear untill the end because i was called back to the outpost. (My mom said i have to go sleep T.T )

I returned to the base Chaos attacked. Cissney, the turk, came with me on a mission, which was, to find the secret entrance Chaos used to enter our base. After some searching, we found an old merc base inside some ruins, there was a tunnel from the merc base leading right into the heart of our base, the control room. Took us a while to figure out how to open the secret door, but we opened it. After that, we secured the whole merc base and the tunnel, so if Chaos or anyone else tries to enter our base using it will get a nice surprise

Today i returned from the heli crash...
Cissney was disapointed, but she was told to train me. First i had to fight the monster i already killed once. Then a lot of weaker monsters.
After that, she told me that the training is gonna get a change and that im gonna be trained using the same method SOLDIERs are! WoW! Amazing!
It left me mouthopen. So i got into the virtual training program, which had several levels, each one more difficult. I couldnt have done it all alone without her help tho... I guess i still need a lot of practice...
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PostSubject: Re: DiNeRo <srsly you need to fix the length thing>   Tue Jul 07, 2009 11:37 am

I was sent with two squads of grunts to scout an area in Wutai...
CHAPTER 1 - A misty encounter

Dinero looked out of the heli and watched as they arrive near a cliff. The weather was aweful, it was raining heavy and there was a lot of fog. "Sir, the fog is too dense, we cant risk entering to land," said the pilot. "Keep flying over the edge then," replied Dinero. After a while, Dinero noticed a small platform and a ladder going down from it. Perfect, he thought. "Drop use here," he told to the pilot. "But sir, we cant land here," protested the pilot. Dinero shook his head, "we will jump down." One by one, the grunts jumped down onto the platform and the heli flew off. The ladder was very long and it took a while to get onto a small platform. It was still a big drop down, so they used zip-wires to get to the ground.

Dinero reorganized them into two squads, alpha and beta, and set a leader for the alpha squad, which parted the opposite way than beta squad and Din. Din and his squad were wondering around the area, scouting it. Suddenly, outside of the fog, a person jumped in the middle of the squad. Took a while for Din to figure out who it was, but then he recognised that it is Axehel, the wanted criminal. "Who are you?" asked Din. "Flyn," replied Axel, "Errol Flyn." Dinero looked at Axe as he continued "im a merc, ive been sent to help you." "Lead the way then," replied Din. As they followed Axel, Din started giving away orders to the grunts. At a long staircase they ambushed Axel and attacked. Axe cut off the supports and a few grunts fell down into certain death, as the rest managed to jump onto the next piece of stairs. "DONT LET HIM ESCAPE!" shouted Din at the grunts. They ran after Axe, who managedto kill off some grunts on the way up the stairs. Din and three more grunts reached the top. Panting and sweating, soaked by the heavy rain, they looked around searching for Axel. Din noticed him first. They followed him to a large lake, with a small bridge over it, Axel managed to drown the three grunts in the lake and it was only him and Din left. They had a short fight on the bridge, after which they both ended in the freezing water, both getting out on the opposite sides of the lake. "AXEHEL!" shouted Din as he ran after Axe. His wet clothes and the freezing gusting wind were slowing him down. After a while, he lost sight of Axe. Damnit... thought Din. He called the other squad to meet up with him. Waiting for them, he fell exhausted into the wet grass. Into the heavy rain it started snowing. "Great..." said Din, sitting in his soaked clothes, shaking of cold. His eyes slowly began to close and he fell asleep. Alpha squad got there soon enough to wake him up and heat him with a bit of rum. "We have to leave, now," said Din. "Wheres beta squad sir?" asked a grunt. Dinero looked into the ground and shook his head. "They are dead..." "WHAT?!" replied the grunt shocked. "Call the heli, we will leave immediatly," gave Din orders.

"What, leaving so soon?" asked a familiar voice. Din turned around quickly and saw him, the man who used to be his idol, his hero, standing on the top of the small hill. "Raziel..." replied Din. Raziel smirked. "Go to the heli, NOW!" told Din to the grunts. "But sir..." protested one of the grunts. "Thats and order, grunt!" shouted Din at him. The grunts saluted and left. Din and Raziel talked a long time. Din discovered that Raziel joined Sephiros and that he isnt the Raziel he knew anymore. "So, grunt, ready to die?" asked Raziel with a grin. Dinero shooked his head and replied with a smirk "Nah, i dont need to be, cause youre the one going down today." Raziel laughed. "Im a SOLDIER if you dont remember, a grunt cant defeat me." Raziel continued talking, twisting Dins mind. After a while, Din raged and lunged at Raziel, grabbing his throat. Raziel smirked and kicked him away. "Im sorry, grunt, but i have some bussines to attend," said Raziel, "looks like its your lucky day today. But dont worry, you will die soon, after i kill that traitor Zakk," said Raziel as he started vanishing. "RAZIEL!" shouted Din angered, "I SWEAR, RAZIEL! I SWEAR I WILL BEAT YOU ONE DAY!" Raziel smirked, "Ill be waiting," he replied and vanished. Din fell on his knees and pounded the wet ground. He was there for a while, when a rope appeared behind him. He grabbed him and they pulled him up into the heli. The heli flew off, as Din looked out the window, with defeat in his heart.

Chapter 2:

Dinero was sitting in the bar, having a beer. A grunt entered and headed towards him. Cant even let me have a beer thought Din. The grunt saluted, 'Sir, you are to lead a scout mission around the area.' Dinero sighted, 'Alright, get a squad ready. Ill be right there.' 'Yes, sir,' replied the grunt and left. Dinero finished his beer and went to the base. The squad was ready and they departed quickly.

They walked around for a while, scouting. Then Din saw a person standing on top of an old ruin. He kept walkin like as if he saw nothing, but began giving orders to grunts. When they were in a good position, Dinero gave the command and they started climbing onto the ruin. The person noticed them and shot two grunts with his bow. Din managed to get up with four grunts. What he saw left him breathless.

'ZAKK!' shouted Din. Zakk grined. 'Long time no see Zakk,' said Din. 'Not long enough,' replied Zakk with a smirk. They kept talkin for a while, when a heli came. 'Weve got it covered from air, sir' heard Din a voice in the radio. 'So youre gonna try to kill me now,' said Zakk. 'Do i have a choice?' replied Din. 'Well theres no way im losing today,' replied Zakk glancing at a women lying behind him.

The grunts attacked Zakk, and he killed them all. He looked up at Din. Din slowly reached for the hilt of his blade, took it out and dropped into stance. With a gesture of the hand he told Zakk to attack. Zack lunged at Din, who blocked his his gunblade. A long fight happened after that. Some snipers tried to get Zakk, saying theyve got it all covered, but when it got hotter they left the area.

Din continued fighting Zakk. 'This is getting a bit boring,' grinned Din as an aura surounded him. He lunged at Zakk at a high speed, stabing him in the stomach, a hit that Zakk parried, and throwing him into the air. He then jumped and in midair kicked Zakk into the ground. Zakk landed on his feet lookin up at Din, who sent three waves at Zakk. Zakk blocked them away. Zakk started to send razor-sharp waves at Din from all sides. Dinero slashed some of them away, some more blocked, but still got hit by a lot of them. They sent him through a large pillar and he landed hard on the ground. 'Dont think itll be that easy,' said Din. Zakk flipped down and landed a few meters away from him. Suddenly, the ground Din was standing on, opened into blackness. He jumped away, and where he landed it opened again, so he jumped away another time. This time he landed into a blackness that just opened. Thinking quick he sent a large wave underneath himself, that exploded and sent him flying out at Zakk. Zakk blocked his hit away and slashed at Din, sending him flying through another pillar. Din landed hard and slowly got up. Blood was running down his arm and leg. He wiped out blood out of his face and spit some more out.

Suddenly Kratos, the 2nd class SOLDIER appeared. 'Hows it going Dinero?' he asked. 'Everything under control,' Din replied. 'Fine then,' said Kratos and jumped away. Damnit... am i stupid... thought Din. Din continued fighting Zakk for a while. Soon, Kratos joined the battle. They fought a while more. Din attacked Zakk, trying to slash at his chest, Zakk upswinged him sending him into the air. Then Zakk jumped and sent Din hard into the ground. Din landed very hard and left a crater around him. He was looking into the sky, which blurred and turned into darkness. Din felt unconscious.


It was midday, altho it was dark, due to the constant heavy rain and a dense fog. Din pulled his scarf higher as a large gust of wind bashed again into the troops of grunts marching through the land. After a while they stopped on a higher placed clearance. The captain stood in front of the grunts. "You will split into two groups," said the captain, "both will be securing an outpost." As he pointed east he continued: "One half will go to the outpost thats east from here," he pointed onto southwest, "the other half will go to the outpost southwest from here, do you understand?" The grunts saluted and replied: "Yes, sir!" The captain nodded and told them to go. Din was to go with the group east.

The grunts split up into two halfes when a large roar could be heard throughout the land. Scared grunts began looking around the devastated land, trying to see through the dense fog. Roars could be heard again, this time much closer. The grunts prepared theire weapons and shaking, aimed into the fog. Din slowly raised his arm and grabbed the hilt of his sword, laying on his back. A third large roar was heard. Monsters coming out of the fog, closing in on the grunts as they started to fire. Din jumped forwards unsheating the blade in midair, he landed in front of the hordes of monsters and started attacking them. Soon he lost count of how much he had killed, could have been ten, twenty, maybe even a hundred. He didnt know, and he didnt care.

Dinero, make your grunts proceed to the outpost, heard Din from his radio. Yes sir, he replied as he continued killing monsters. "MEN! WE HAVE TO MOVE!" he shouted at the grunts and they slowly began to move forwards. Finally the monsters scattered and the grunts were able to proceed.

After a while they finally saw the outlines of the outpost in the fog. As the grunts fetched a sight of relief, another large roar cut the silence of rain falling onto the ground. Fearing another attack they hurried to the outpost. The outpost was on a high clearance. The grunts fired theire zipwires and climbed up. As they reached the top, more monsters came out of the fog. The grunts started shooting at them as they closed up, forcing the grunts to back up heading to the outpost.

As the first grunts ran into the darkness inside the outpost, a large roar came out of it along with half a grunts body. The other ran out again, shouting: "Theyre inside too!" They were surrounded by hordes. The monsters inside the base were soon killed and the grunts backed inside it. The fight seemed endless and more and more monsters kept coming. "CLOSE THE GATES!" someone shouted. Din jumped up, slashing a few monsters and landed onto the button. The gate started closing with big noise.

The outpost was covered in complete darkness. Gunshots lighted the scene as the grunts kept shooting at the monsters that were inside the base. The lights flashed a few times and then, finally, lighted the outpost. The grunts finished the last monsters and cheered. This is far from over... thought Din. “GO TO THE TURRETS!” shouted Din and some grunts moved upstairs, shooting the turrets at the monsters. Din went up too, looked out of the window and the sight left him breathless. All he could see were thousands and thousands of monsters in the fog around the outpost.

Din went back down. “Hows the ammo?” he asked. “Were gonna run out of it soon...” replied a grunt. Dammit... Din thought. Dinero reporting, we are pinned down inside the outpost, we need air support and heavy machinery, he said into the radio. Static. “Damn, were without radio contact,” said Din angry.

The lights started fading and the light changed dim. The scared grunts looked around. “Sir, the lights will soon go out, and the gate wont last long either,” said a grunt desperately. Were lost... thought Din, as the hits on the gates grew stronger and bumps started appearing. The grunts changed theire clips in the dim light and aimed at the gate, which was to break at any moment. Din sighed and slowly unsheathed his blade shaking his head.

Bang. Bang. Bang. The gate broke open and monster of all sizes bustled in. The grunts started firing . Din jumped forwards slashing several waves at the monsters, landing on top of them and slashing at them hard. After a while, a monster slammed Din hard into a wall. Din slowly got up, taking off the broken helmet. He looked at it grinning and threw it away. Grunts kept firing, monsters kept coming, it seemed endless.

The grunts were slowly pushed backwards and onto higher platforms. “Theres only one way!” shouted a grunt, “well have to self destruct the boat and send it onto the monsters downstairs!” “Yes! Well do that!” replied Din. As they gave orders to grunts, they all backed onto the lifts.
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PostSubject: Re: DiNeRo <srsly you need to fix the length thing>   Tue Jul 07, 2009 11:37 am

3...2...1... BOOM. The boat exploded and the whole upper platform was blown up and fell onto the monsters downstairs. The monsters used the other platform to enter the lifts and they started coming inside the grunts last resort. “Well have to move onto the roof!” shouted a grunt, which Din recognized as Tyr Masters. “Proceed to the roof!” shouted Din and the grunts slowly began backing up and climbing onto the roof. Din desperately tried the radio again, Does anyone read me?! Silence. Does anyone copy?! Nobody responded. DOES ANYONE READ ME?!?!?! shouted Din into the radio as monsters managed to get onto the roof. I copy, appeared a voice in the radio. Din, who lost all hope, cheered. Were at the eastern outpost! Were pinned down! We need air support! Please hel... the radio cracked out.

“Air support will arrive soon!” shouted Din at the grunts. They cheered and fought even harder. As more monsters came onto the roof, the grunts were surrounded, with no place to go. They kept fighting harder than they ever did before.

After a while, the sounds of a heli cut through the sounds of the massacre going on. A few second later the heli flew out of the fog shooting at the monsters. The grunts cheered. Maybe we still have chance of survival, thought Din, still fighting the monsters.

The heli kept shooting at the monsters with miniguns and rockets. Soon, most of the monsters were dead and the rest started to retreat. The heli landed on the roof and many of the grunts ran to it. “No!” shouted the pilot, “orders are to support you, not evac.” “WHAT?!” shouted Din. “Those monsters will come back!” “You are to secure the outpost, we bring you supplies and ammo,” replied the pilot to Din as some grunts started taking crates out of the heli. Dinero shaked his head and gave orders to the grunts to help with the crates.

Din looked at the heli flying off as blood that ran down his arm, dripped onto the ground. He stood there a while longer and then left to go inside help with reparations.

As Dinero was on his usual beer in the pub, his phone started ringing. 'Hello?' he said after flipping his phone open. 'Been a while...' said a familiar voice on the other side. 'Who is this?' replied Din. 'You dont remember me? hmph figures'. 'Sorry i have a shitty phone and cant recognise your voice,' replied Din whilst finishing the beer. 'Meet me at the church,' said the voice and hunged up. Dinero shruged, paid for the beer and left off to go to the church.

On half the way his phone rang again. Din sighed flipping it open. 'Hmm?' said Dinero. 'Din, kill her,' he could hear another familiar voice. 'Who is this?' replied Dinero started getting sick of these random phone calls. 'Venc,' the voice replied. 'Kill who?' replied Din. 'Nevermind, youll know when its the right time'. Din hung up and continued walking.

Dinero entered the church. Silence was all he could hear. 'Welcome Dinero!' an echoed voice sounded through the church. Dinero kept on walking to the flowers. So its Sandra again... he thought. 'Been a while since ive talked to you,' the voice breaked the silence again, 'and fought you.' Din could feel the atmosphere building up.

Sandra landed in front of him before he could reach the flowers. She stood up drawing her swords. 'Heh, nice sword...' she said looking at Anduril placed on Dineros back. 'Sandra,' said Din smirking, 'nice to see you again.' Sandra cracked her body. 'So why have you brought me here?' asked Din looking into Sandras eyes. 'You,' smiled Sandra, 'should know.' She laughed evily. Dinero kept looking into her eyes seeing a flash of insanity. Whys everyone going insane these days...? thought Din as Sandra rushed at him.

Dinero took out his blade in an eyeblink and blocked her blow, using her own momentum to send her over him behind him. As he turned quick Sandra jumped at Din. He dived to the side whilst grabbing her foot and sending her crashing through one of the benches. She landed on her knee and jumped back at him. Dinero smirked while blocking her attack and hiting her away with ease. 'Youre not even worth of me trying,' he said whilst she prepared for another attack. She jumped into a spirel with her blades spinning. Din dodged the first attack but as soon as she touched the ground she jumped at Din and when he turned around she uppercuted at his jaw and kicked him into a pillar. Dinero bent his body in midair landing on the pillar on his feet. He jumped off the pillar lunging at her.

'Is that truly what a man like you has?' she asked insanily whilst blocking one of Dins attacks. Din looked at her before hitting her away with a large blow. 'Or is that you warming up?' she laughed evily. Din blocked another of her slashes and hit at her block with a large blow sending her flying through one of the pillars. She wiped a little blood from her lower lip while standing up. 'This is a fight to death Din,' she said with an insane smile. She jumped at him attacking again. Din blocked her blow and hit her away. Sandra jumped off the ground and flip kicked him up into the air. As Din flew into the air she punched him in the chest hard making him crash through a pillar. He flipped back onto his feet smirking as the rafters above them began creaking.

Dinero lunged at her once again slashing at her shoulder. She parried the blow and did the spiral again. Din dodged her attack once more and attacked at her. She got hit hard again and flew away landing hard on the ground. 'This is getting boring Sandra,' said Din whilst she got up to her feet. Dinero closed his eyes and the bulding started shaking. The tremor grew stronger and stronger. Black lighting appeared around the runes of his sword and a black aura surrounded the blade. Din opened the eyes and the tremor stopped. His eyes were glowing red. He appeared behind her slashing a razorsharp wave at her. As she was sent into the air he appeared above her sending two razorsharp waves at her. Then he appeared behind her slashing three more razorsharp waves. He randomly appeared around her slashing razorsharp waves as he finnaly stopped and dropped into stance. Sandra could barely stand on her feet. 'Still want a battle to death?' asked Din looking at the injured Sandra. 'YES!!!!' she shouted insanely. Dinero shruged as the black lighting and aura concentrated on the tip of his blade. Dinero took a last look in her insane eyes and fired the ray.

The ray hit her hard in the chest and pinned her to the wall. He walked up to her stopping the ray. As she falled to the floor badly injured, he blinked. His eyes were back to normal. She raised her eyes and stared at Din insanely whilst grabbing her sword unnoticed. 'Im not going to kill you,' said Din. 'THEN I WILL KILL YOU!!!!' shouted Sandra stabbing her sword through Dins stomach. Dinero lifted his own sword and stabbed her through the chest in reaction. He pulled her blade out of his stomach and grabbed the wound with a hand, sheathing the blade with the other. He kicked her corpse out of the way. He heard a sound behind him and turned around quickly.
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PostSubject: Re: DiNeRo <srsly you need to fix the length thing>   Tue Jul 07, 2009 11:38 am

Chaos walked out of the shadows next to Din and Venc jumped down landing on Dineros other side. Blood could be seen between Dins fingers as he holded his wound. A laugh echoed through the church as Chalos walked into the passage. Chaos looked at Sandras body and then back to Din. Chalos clapped with his mailed gloves. 'Well...' said Chaos. Dinero glared at Chaos with blurry eyes. 'Ill say... that was a little, impressive,' said Chaos, 'but not good enough,' he continued whilst holding sword up.

'Stand down fool,' said Chalos while Din backed up a step. Chaos looked at Chalos. 'Such weaklings have no need to be fought over,' said Chalos while Din glanced at him. 'The shinra did well,' continued Chalos his speech. 'Who said I am fighting over her?' replied Chaos. 'Give him his houd of glory,' said Chalos interupting Chaos, who continued anyway: 'I am fighting to kill him...' 'And you shall,' replied Chalos, 'but whats the poing, when we could flick him and kill him. Why kill him now... when the pleasure of him resisting is,' Chalos pauses 'so much sweeter.' 'Why not torture him, Brother?' asked Chaos. Chalos laughed, 'he wouldnt last 5 minutes.' Dinero fell to his kneed due to blood loss. Chalos turned to Dinero. 'Throw him outside,' he said whilst nodding to Venc, 'count yourself lucky, grunt,' said Chalos before Venc grabbed Din and hurled him outside.

Din slowly, with the help of his sword, got to his feet and started walking whilst still holding his wound. Two grunts on patrol found him and took him to medical atention before he could die from the blood loss.

Dinero woke up, but today it was different, he wasnt a grunt anymore, no, today he woke up as a SOLDIER trainee. He sat on the bed and looked at the SOLDIER trainee uniform in his closet with his red eyes. He smirked and got out of bed and ready for the hardest day in his life.

He walked to the holodeck operator room, where a turk was already waiting to teach him how to operate the holodeck and copied a programe to do so into Dins phone. After that Dinero went to the holodeck room and passed the whole day training there hard, fighting SOLDIERs, Turks and even Mighty Grunts.

He walked out the holodeck at late night hours, helping himself stand on his feet with his sword, all covered in blood and sweat, his shattered armor and torn pieces of his new uniform. He slowly got to the medbay, where they patched him up. 'You should stay to rest here a day or two,' said the doctor to Din, but he shook his head and said hes got much to do and left the medbay to stay all night meditating.

Next few days passed in the same style, but every day, Din choosed a harder programme in the holodeck, and every day, he went out more and more beat up. The 4th day the doctor shook his head, 'Youre gonna kill yourself if you continue training at this rate.' 'Dont...dont worry,' said exhausted Din and left the medbay to go meditating.

The fifth day Din choosed to try to take on a 1st class SOLDIER in the holodeck and if the operator of the holodeck didnt quit the programme, he'd get killed. Din stayed at the medbay for the night and left it next noon.


Dinero was drinking a beer in the bar, when his radio cracled in. "SOLDIER Trainee Dinero, you are to report to the base as soon as possible," said the voice. Dinero sighed, drank the rest of the beer and threw the gil on the bar table. He slowly stood up and walked out of the bar, still crushed by the defeat he suffered in the holodeck, fighting against Ramsus. All this training, all this effort... useless... he thought walking up to his bike. He put his googles on and tightened his gloves and blasted out the garage heading to the ShinRa base.

He stopped before the base and parked his bike. Dinero hopped off the bike and walked up to the gate. 'Show your ID,' said one of the grunts. Din looked at him with his red eyes and slowly took out the ID and showed it to him. 'Good day sir,' saluted the grunt and let him in.

Dinero walked into the turk's office. The turk was standing looking out of the window, a folder with Dinero's name was lying on his desk. 'Excelent you made it so quick,' started the turk and turned around. 'I have read your file and you seem fitting for this job, since none of our SOLDIERs is currently near,' he started searching through the papers on the desk. 'Ah here it is,' said the turk taking out a map, with an area marked in red. 'Does this say anything to you?' asked the turk. Din watched the map closely and said: 'Yeah, thats the place Zakkusu told me a long way ago that a reunion hideout is.' The turk nodded, 'And there is, we've been watching the place since you told us and we are now sure that the base is there.' Dinero nodded. 'You,' continued the turk, 'will come with me and a large squad of grunts to attack the base,' he pointed on the place on the map, 'we will crush those pesky insects,' he hit the map with his fist as he said so. 'Yes sir,' replied Dinero. 'Now go get prepared and meet me at the helipad in 30 minutes exactly. Dissmised.' Dinero saluted and left the office.

30 minutes later Dinero walked up to the heli. He hopped inside it. 'Shall we?' asked the turk and Dinero nodded. The heli took off and flew over the Midgar desert, towards some mountains not far away. Dinero was looking out of the window and thinking. The emotioned talk of the grunts could be heard through the heli. Finnaly the heli arrived above some old ruins. 'Well, here it is,' said the turk as the grunts started to get ready. Dinero opened the heli door and jumped out of it, landing with ease onto the ruins. The grunts and turk followed him using zipwires and the heli flew off. 'Everyone ready?' asked the turk and the grunts shouted: 'Yes, sir!' Anc they started searching the area for an entrance, Dinero in the lead and the turk in the center of the grunts. Hah, typical... The turk hides behind the grunts, so he doesnt have to fight... Coward, thought Din with disgust and continued walking around the area. Suddenly a dense fog dropped around the area. It's here, thought Din. 'Get ready grunts!' he shouted and the grunts stopped and took battle positions.


A laugh echoed through the fog. 'How fun,' a voice said and laughed again. The grunts started getting nervous. A moment of complete silence. And then, reunion came out the fog, surrounding the group. The voice laughed again: 'Kill them, for Mother!' the voice shouted and faded away into the sound of the charging of the reunion. The grunts started shooting and Din reached for his sword. The battle was fierce and more and more reunion kept coming from the fog, soon the turk had to leave his protected position , because Loz came out of the fog and crushed through the grunts protecting the turk. The turk, unable to do anything else, took out his asp and charged at Loz. As the battle around them raged on, Loz blocked the turks hit and Hasted and rammed into him. The turk gained balance and flipped a few knifes between his fingers, using them as claws. He hit Loz with the asp in the stomach, but Loz quickly sent him flying back shocking him with his Dual Hound. The turk landed on his back and quickly got back on his feet. The turk threw a few knifes at Loz and attacked. Loz Hasted and dodged the knifes. Loz took out his Velvet Nightmare and started shooting at the turk hitting him in the hand, making the turk drop the knifes and fight with only his asp. Loz stored his Velvet and attacked with Hounds again. The turk managed to hit Loz in the jaw and shock him. Loz gained balance and Hasted ramming into the turk, sending him flying onto some sharp rocks. The turk landed on the rocks and they slided into his stomach and chest. The turk shouted and coughed blood and died. Dinero, fighting against reunion, didnt notice that the turk is dead and continued fighting against the reunion. A reunion kicked him and sent him flying towards where Loz was standing. Dinero flipped and landed into stance. 'A SOLDIER? This is going to be fun,' said Loz and charged at Din. Din blocked his attack and pushed him back. Then Din lunged at Loz, uppercuting him into the air. He jumped up behind him and slashed at Loz midair. Loz blocked the blow with his Hounds but got sent flying into the ruins. Dinero followed him and jumped through the hole in the ceiling, landing into a dusted old temple, used as reunion hideout.


'Impressive,' said Loz getting up. Dinero smirked. 'This'll be fun,' smirked Loz and attacked. Anduril clashed with Lozs hounds and they got sent in opposite ways, Dinero flipped and landed into stance, sending a razorsharp wave at Loz, who just landed. Loz crossed his arms into an X and blocked the wave, getting pushed backwards along the floor. 'Not bad,' smirked Loz. 'Too bad i cant say the same about you, reunion,' said Din as Loz attacked. Dinero blocked Loz's attack and spinkicked him in the jaw. Loz Hasted and bounced back and then rushed at Din, kicking him in the jaw. Din flew into the air and bent his body landing into stance. He smirked. Din attacked Loz, punching him in the stomach. Loz skidded a bit and kicked Din in the jaw again. Din flipped and landed into stance. 'Having fun yet?' asked Loz. Dinero shrugged. 'A moogle grunt 2nd class fights better than you do, reunion,' replied Din. Loz laughed, 'You're fun and funny! Too bad you'll have to die,' he said and Hasted charging at Din. Dinero blocked his blow and pushed him back. Din closed his eyes for a second and launched a fireball at Loz's chest. Loz Hasted and jumped into the air, dodging the fireball then he pushed off a wall and charged at Din ramming into him. Dinero blocked his blow and skidded backwards a bit. Dinero flipped over Loz's punch and slashed at his shoulder, hitting his shoulderpad, which absorbs the hit. Loz smirked and Hasted, he rammed into Din and shocked him with his Hound. Din flew backwards crashing into a statue.

Dinero slowly got up and smirked. 'Nice, but not enough,' he said and charged at Loz. Loz Hasted and dodged his attack, spinned around Din and kicked him in the jaw. Din bent his body in air and landed into stance. Dinero sighed. 'You're getting boring, cant you do anything else?' Din asked. Dinero slashed an X wave at Loz and lunged behind it. Loz smirked, Hasted, jumped over the wave and kicked Dinero back. Dinero gained balance and as Loz attacked, Din tripped him and elbowed in the face. Loz stubbered a bit gaining balance and attacked Din. Din closed eyes for a second again and slashed at Loz. As they clashed, Din's blade got covered in flames which exploded towards Loz, sending him flying back with small burn marks. Loz bounced back and charged at Din yelling. Din blocked his blow and sent him flying back. Loz landed onto his feet and shouted: 'You call that magic? I'll show you magic!' and he casted BOLT3 on Din. 'What the...' shouted Din as a lighting struck the place he was standing. A large explosion happened. Dust filled the room. Loz cracked knuckels, 'Hope you had fun,' he said smirking, 'cause playtime, is over.' He watched the place where Din was standing, expacting to see his dead body as the dust slowly faded. Dinero was standing in the middle of a small crater, bleeding and panting. 'Think so?' said Dinero and smirked. Loz narrowed eyes seeing Dinero. Din launched at him. Loz Hasted and shocked Din with Hound. Din flew backwards landing onto knees. He stoop up and shook his hand, that had sparks coming around it. 'Beg for forgiveness,' said Loz. 'After pigs learn to fly,' replied Dinero and attacked. Loz attempted to punch Din, but he skidded under his blow and launched a fireball at Lozs chest. Loz Hasted and jumped into the air, dodging the fireball. Dinero was panting as Loz landed and cracked neck. Loz shouted: 'Why won't you die already! Begone!' and casted QUAKE3.


The floor under Dinero started to crack and rocks were falling from the ceiling. Dinero acted fast and started jumping from one falling rock to another, maintaing himself above the crack. Loz casted Fire2 and the rock Din was on exploded, sending Dinero down into the chasm. Din landed hard into the floor below. He slowly got up in the middle of the crater his fall created and watched Loz land with ease in front of him. Din didnt waste time and lunged at Loz, using the dust to his own advantage, and grabbed Loz by the throat. Dinero lifted him into the air and smirked casting a fireball right into his face. Dinero flipped back and landed into stance panting. Loz was sent flying backwards, he flipped and twirled in the air and landed onto his feet, messing with his throat. Loz yelled and Hasted running at Din. He pushed Dinero's blade aside and punched and kicked him several times before burrying his Hound into Din's stomach and shocking him. Dinero flew back and landed onto his knees skidding and panting. Dinero slowly got up and lunged at Loz. Dinero slashed Loz sending him flying through a pillar. Loz crashed through it, flipped and pushed off the next pillar jumping at Din. Dinero blocked his Hound and pushed Loz back. While Loz gained balance, Din launched at him and stabbed him through the shoulder, pinning him to the wall. Dinero smirked. Loz smirked looking at the floor. 'Fun's over,' said Loz and Hasted, he grabbed Dinero's blade and pushed him away with it. Loz kicked Dinero in the jaw and Din flipped landing into stance. Loz Hasted and kicked Din in the chest and quickly cought him by the throat, choking him. Dinero tried to punch Loz to get free, but he blocked Dinero's punches with his other arm. Loz walked up to an abysm and holded Dinero above it. 'Bye bye, dog,' said Loz and throwed Din into the air, jumping behind him he punched Din in the face and shocked him with his Hound sending him flying into the abysm. Loz laughed watching the ShinRa fall into darkness. Loz fell to his knee as he landed, coughing blood, his vision getting blurry. The ceiling above collapsed and blackness engulfed him.


Dinero, heavily wounded, was sent at a high speed down the abysm, with darkness all around him. Suddenly, he saw a greenish light in the distance, approaching fast. So... This is it... This is the Lifestream everyone talks about... Finnaly, its all over... he thought as he flew into the Lifestream at a high speed and he closed his eyes smiling and falling uncoscious.

Several hours later, two grunts patroling the beach on the other side of the planet see a body being washed up by the sea. They rush towards it and see some tags, they read them and notice that Dinero is still alive and immediatly contact HQ. Hojo hears theire call. 'Bring him to me,' he said smirking...

“SOLDIER 3rd class DiNeRo, reporting for duty.” The young SOLDIER stood in front of the HQ doors. Time went on and Dinero continued his dedicated work to ShinRa, eventualy managing to be promoted to a 2nd class SOLDIER, although he felt there was something that Hojo did to him after saving him from his little Lifestream trip, but it hadnt come out in any way so he just thought it was his imagination.

A year or so later, all SOLDIER operatives started being converted into Deepground. Dinero saw what this did to his old friends and escaped ShinRa. He became a mercenary once again and lived on the other side of the law, with a bounty on his head. Soon enough, the Deepground revolution started and Dinero was in the front lines, battling the monsters.

Now it has ended and peace reigns again. Well, as far as peace is possible at least. Dinero continues wandering, taking on minor merc jobs, helping people.
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PostSubject: Re: DiNeRo <srsly you need to fix the length thing>   

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DiNeRo <srsly you need to fix the length thing>
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