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 Welcome and Hello

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Hasegawa Kaito

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PostSubject: Welcome and Hello   Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:39 am

Welcome to FFUA. We are based off of Zacks original RP FFU The place that spawned, FFR, IAU, UAI, and many other RPs. FFUA Is a combined effort by Zack (Dj), Selef (Jorden (dont quote my spelling)) And my self Hasegawa Kaito (Matt). Here we hope to revive past experiences with a new twist and more exciting story. I hope everyone finds as much enjoyment in FFUA as I did in FFU.

Onward to me hello :p
So ya Im Kaito. Yes the Feared and hated feaind of an admin with a rep that streaches to Hell twisting and swirling like a sippy straw... Granted a larger % of the rep is misconceptions and half truths but lets not get into that. To be fair I'll tell you here I'm strict when it comes to enforcing rules, but im also fair. You do me right and youll be done right. So hello and enjoy your stay.

Little about my self:
Color: Black, blue, blood red. (In that order)
Drink: Sake
Fictional Char: Kaito (duh lol ^ ^) Then Sephiroth
Movies: The Last Samurai, Star Wars, Pulp Fiction And i dotn know lots...
Tv: Red Dwarf (that shtis funny) Ghost hunters, Family Guy, Robot Chicken
Anime: To many to list
Hobbies: Swords, knives and other fun things of the sort.

Let me know if i forgot anything.
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome and Hello   Tue Jul 07, 2009 12:38 pm

1. zenos stfu you nut case.

2. nice to see ya again and stuff kaito and sorry about the past and what not tho i know its gonna take more then a simple sorry for anything to truly change.
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Zenos Sintai

Zenos Sintai

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome and Hello   Tue Jul 07, 2009 1:08 pm

But if I WASN'T a nutcase, I would bore myself.
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome and Hello   

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Welcome and Hello
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