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 theres no stories forum

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PostSubject: theres no stories forum   theres no stories forum Icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2009 7:02 am

so ill jsut post this here....

The dim lights flicked off and back on. Two men in white suits standing in front of what looked like a giant tube filled with lightly orange glowing liquid, their face covered by shadow. "Everything is proceeding according to plan. He surely was a genius," one of them broke the silence filled only with the humming of machines. He pressed a button and the control panel in front of him opened revealing several displays with charts and values. "Indeed..." the other said in a low voice and starred into the tube as the first scientist began typing something on the console. "Thats it," he said as the panel slowly closed. Both turned their backs towards the tank and walked into the darkness as the lights finaly gave out, leaving the room in shadow. "Project E - Phase 2 has been started." A laugh echoed before being cut off by the sound of a heavy door closing.
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theres no stories forum
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