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PostSubject: ?????????   Sat Aug 01, 2009 6:36 am

(Note most of the info on these chars will be shown in RP)

you find an old computer that stands out from the rest of the old lab that looks as if sephiroth himself attacked it

as you walk over to the computer you see it is still working but barely and turn it on and it shows the shinra logo threw the static of the screen then see three project files

Folder Name: Project S

Folder Name: Project Z

Folder Name: Project SR

As you try the first project the computer is forced to reboot do to the security on the folder, The next folder pulls up only a corrupted doc showing what seems to be a name or code “Slash” , opening the third corroded text docs pop up and show what little there can be seen of project SR

N/-\w3: #%(Sel(#*{:>@(Rai(#(*@(

A9e: !&

<()m|3at D4ta: &^@%#@^GFIU@GTG@JIGC@GIUT^@%(&^@*&TUYDG@67

R3!ati0n5: Pro^&*$%^*S

a video feed of the project is at the end of all this and it plays tho is barely visable, The feed shows two odd teens that look exactly alike questioning the person in the lab and a word heard but muffled badly “sephiorth” after this a flash is seen and the video cuts out

the computer then sparks and blows up following the video cutting out

it seems that light speed just isn't enough!
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PostSubject: Re: ?????????   Sat Aug 01, 2009 1:09 pm

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