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 The Story so far...

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PostSubject: The Story so far...   The Story so far... Icon_minitimeMon Jul 06, 2009 9:45 pm

A red sun sank behind the tattered outline of the once magnificent ShinRa building, the streets were almost empty, no longer could the cries of children be heard, nor the sound of people rushing to and from work, no, now all was silent, except for the sound of crows and carrion birds feasting on dead flesh. A gunshot is heard the birds sound of several engines is audible a group of ShinRa militia walk through the city escorting seemingly a giant furnace on wheels, it is into this they are throwing the corpses... the hundreds of corpses of the old and the young, men women and children alike are strewn around the charred corpse that was once a thriving city, occasional bodies of deepground soldiers are seen and thrown uselessly into containers at the sides of the furnace
Finally... they approached the slums this was the area the last fight had taken place, as they set about their work they noticed one of the corpses... Had been impaled, the leader of Deepground... Weiss... So he had been killed? The militia approached the figure slowly, and cautiously before taking the body, curiously, they noted the sword he was impaled by... Hasegawa Kaito's sword it would seem, there were none others like it, so it had to be his. Taking the sword too they slowly cleaned up the rest of the corpses, when suddenly a soldier broke down in tears as he turned a corpse over, the other soldiers threw it into the fire "don’t worry lad, it’s over now" said the commanding officer patting him in the shoulder gently
As they turned to leave the slums, lights began to flicker on, and the speakers that had been placed all around Midgar echoed with sound, a voice boomed out, echoing off the cold hard walls of the near empty city. "Citizens of Midgar... Today, we are victorious over those who called themselves, Deepground, although it came at too steep a price... it grieves me deeply to see the walls of my city bathed in blood, and it hurts me more so that I was not able to prevent it, but we will be strong again.. stronger, we will ensure that no tragedy like this shall ever befall our people again, on this city we shall rebuild and make a brighter future, one that will not put our fallen loved ones to shame, or waste their sacrifice, if any of you are in need of aid.. Or work... report to the ShinRa building, so we can become strong again"
There was no cheering to be heard, no one broke the silence among the dead. "Heh Well there won’t be any more danger anyway; we got the pest right ere"
Said the commander in as cheery a voice as he could summon, patting the container they put Weiss in
*"Wait a second..." he said as he heard a hollow thud as he hit the container..., Opening it, he found the body of Weiss had... Disappeared... as well as his weapons all that was left in the container was Kaito’s sword “God dam it!"
Meanwhile a man with spiky black hair got off a motorcycle on a cliff face and looked out over a forest; crouching low he crept through the undergrowth until he came to a clearing filled with tents and people looking back over his shoulder he made as to beckon someone over. Turning back to look at the mass of tents he saw several people dressed in green tunics carrying pole arms and other assortments of weapons, as he turned back around a spiky haired blonde guy appeared at his side "Looks like ShinRa have something coming Cloud" said the man with black hair in a whisper just as a roar was audible from roughly where the centre of the tents must have been "ShinRa are weak!!!, This is our chance, We shall crush those who killed our young, burnt our homes and our crops, it is time we got revenge!!" a man’s voice yelled, which was quickly accompanied by another roar of approval. "Yeah... Definitely got something coming to em, c'mon cloud we need to warn someone"
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The Story so far...
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