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 Lyuath Dwin'Mitore

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PostSubject: Lyuath Dwin'Mitore   Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:44 pm

Name: Lyuath Dwin'Mitore
age: 19
height: 5'4
eye color: Red
hair color: Blonde
race: Human
personality: She has a cold and demanding personality to strangers, but when she softens up to you, she becomes kind and helpful
Class: Samurai

picture of character:

History: The walls, splattered with blood, seemed to draw in closer. Her eyes stared at the ceiling, a engrossing image splayed across the entire area. The artwork used to be human, one that cared deeply for this girl, her red eyes now watching, almost capturing, the bloody remains of the fight. Her blade stayed aloft loosly in her hands, her long blond hair falling down behiend her, drenched in blood. She walked forward, towards the door, and out of the small town. As she left the humble village, cries of panic and anger shot through the night, a bloodlthirsty scream of his relatives chased her for miles.

She wandered for days after this incident. Finally finding a town called, Junon. She entered the city gates, the townsfolk eyeing her warily. It seems they heard rumors of a red-eyed, blond beauty who wondered the continet, killing all who cared for her well-being. And yet, she did not care for these stares, she welcomed, the murderous beast inside of her yearned for more blood, and she wanted to feed it, to hone her skills in battle. A man walked up to her, eyeing her carefully, pulling out his own blade, he called to her, "Are you Lyuath the Blood Blade?"

She eyes him in disbelief, and called out, "If I am?"

"Then I will kill you here..."

She drew her blade and dashed at him, a clang of steel rang throughout the streets.

Thunder clashed as she opened her eyes, she was in her inn room, two years after the fight, she stood up and looked out of her window, over the hills. She sighed and sat on a stool. Brushing her hair.
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PostSubject: Re: Lyuath Dwin'Mitore   Mon Jul 27, 2009 5:38 pm

i can tell its not done but approved.

if theres any dislikes by other admins please say so.

it seems that light speed just isn't enough!
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Lyuath Dwin'Mitore
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