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PostSubject: Saradiart   Wed Jul 22, 2009 2:37 am

Name: Saradiart
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Mid-Short, Silver.
Saradiart is the kind of person whom would keep many things to herself. She is a very silent person. Her loneliness throughout most of her life makes her anti-social although she is also the type of person to cling onto things that she cherishes. Certain emotions build up inside of her, some emotions she expresses towards others.
Class: Knight

Limit Breaks:

Spiral Eyes : Nightmare:
Spirals appear and extend through Saradiart's eyes... The enemy begins to see an illusion Saradiart sets out for them.
This illusion can be anything and by being trapped in Saradiart's illusion, do you actually feel the pain.

Spiral Eyes: False Memory:
Spirals appear and extend through Saradiart's eyes... Saradiart fights into a person's mind and inserts a memory which could either be false or true. This effect is active as long as the spiral eyes are active... although the memory will remain, the victim will realize that it was the Spiral Eyes which inserted the memory thus losing its persuasive effects.

Darkness: Force Control
Saradiart's hands glow a dark purple aura... each time they glow, it signifies that Saradiart is controlling something with a certain force. She is able to push, pull, constrict and expand space to an extent. The more strength she puts into her attacks, the more toll it takes out onto her body.

Darkness: Dark Angel
Saradiart undergoes a transformation, her skin turns pale gray. The sclera of her eyes turn black, although spirals which appear are lined orange along with her iris. Wings with black feathers sprout from her back and protective scales form on her body. Her attack, defense and magical abilities are greatly enhanced while in this form. She is knocked unconscious for a week after this ability. She is granted the ability to fly at low altitudes. Special abilities include using the eight trigrams for powerful abilities. This ability can only be used while under intense emotions.


Saradiart's struggle began at her parents death. She was only nine when her parents were murdered by a hungry warring force. Her village was in the middle of a civil war between other villages, which brought the event to Saradiart's murder. Hatred, anger and thoughts of revenge filled her mind though she was weak. She had to fend for herself... she used what was left of her parent's fortune to buy herself food but eventually it ran out, and she began to starve. It wasn't until a man named Kiva found her lying in a field near the village took her in and took care of her. Kiva taught her in the ways of self-defense, knowing that the world is filled with much fighting and anger. But little did Kiva know that Saradiart had thoughts of hatred filling her mind, and she was going to use these teachings to get her revenge.

After mastering these techniques, she sought out the leader of the rivaling village at the age of fourteen. One night, she sought out one person, one whom raided her home. She broke into the person's house, and the fight ended quickly. However... as the tip of her blade met the persons throat. She hesitated. Seeing the fear of a mother and her two children immediately brought guilt upon herself. It was at that moment, did she have an epiphany... She decided not to bring the same feelings that she had upon the rest of her family as she realzied they never did anything wrong. She came to accept that it was an act of war...

"..." Saradiart turns around, seathing her blade back into her scabbard. "...You are the reason why I am what I am today... but... I have realized that my goal has been for nothing." She walks out towards the window, placing a hand on the window cill. "For years... I have dreamed of this moment. All I wanted to do was kill you and your friend for ruining my childhood... but..." Saradiart looks towards the children and their mother. "They do not deserve to live the same fate as I... It is too soon for them to see the pain war brings them. War only brings hatred..." Saradiart closes her eyes "I'm sorry for the trouble I have caused you... please forgive me. I will be going now. Wait... The man drops his weapon onto the ground. I... understand how you feel. That night, I had no intention of killing your parents... Saradiart's eyes widen slightly We were at war... and I reacted how as I would to enemies.. I had no idea they were just civillians... You have reason to hate me and I sincerely apologize... though an apology may not be enough the man sighs I cannot offer you anything else. Everything that night, was an accident. The two pause, they look at each other and after awhile... "...I will... accept.. Farewell." Saradiart jumps out of the window, leaving the person's house in nothing but ruins.

A year later, Saradiart and Kiva were traveling to Kalm. They were ambushed by mercenaries whom wanted to collect Kiva's head. The battle drew on for about an hour, both parties fought viciously trying to protect themselves by these skilled band of mercenaries. Neither side, was making any gain or loss. Saradiart felt a sharp pain spike through her eyes, she fell to her knees and covered her face in an attempt to push the pain away. The mercenaries step back a little bit from Saradiart's screams. Saradiart took her hands off of her face, blood smudged all over her hand. She looks up towards the mercenaries. All of the mercenaries drop... sound asleep. Kiva looks towards Saradiart, puzzled but sees that her eyes looked differently. It was at this moment, Saradiart awakened an unknown ability. To this day, the name for that ability is called the spiral eyes.

...But, little does Saradiart know that along with the Spiral Eyes. Came her newfound dark powers... and within her dark powers...
lies a secret that hasn't been awakened to this day.

(The end)
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PostSubject: Re: Saradiart   Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:33 pm

i like it


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